Present news stories with confidence.



Get your late-breaking news stories on-air quickly and effectively with Tria News. From four independent PGM playout channels, this news playout server provides predictable and precise clip playout during live news shows. This server is built upon the robust and proven Abekas Tria server platform, which provides true hardware reliability and an intuitive software interface.

Tria News is tightly integrated with Ross Video’s Inception newsroom computer system, Streamline media asset management and OverDrive automated production control platform. With this seamless and comprehensive newsroom ecosystem, it's easy to organize newsroom media assets, create and manage run-down playlists, and present news story play out from Tria News. This system also uses well-established and proven MOS newsroom processes, providing reliable and worry-free live operations.

Tria News is designed precisely for today’s rapid-fire live television newsroom environments:

  • Four PGM output channels; one channel featuring an input for basedband ingest
  • Flexibly play news clips directly from a central NAS or from internal SSD media storage
  • Built-in media file export tools to export captured baseband content
  • Gigabit Ethernet and RS422 ports with support for industry-standard control protocols. Clip load and playout can be directed from a Ross NRCS or any external automation system.

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