Ross at PromaxBDA

June 27th - 28th
Mirage Las Vegas

Ross at PromaxBDA Station Summit

Ross Video is pleased to invite you to a private demo during this year’s PromaxBDA Station Summit at the Mirage in Las Vegas. Hour and half-hour demos will be scheduled in the Ross suite for Wednesday, June 27 and Thursday, June 28 from 9am to 5pm.

We will also be co-hosting a margarita party in the FX Group suite Wednesday evening. Be sure to drop by the FX Group/Ross booth in the main concourse to see our fabulous Augmented Reality and Virtual Set display and register for prizes!

Solutions we'll be demoing include:

XPression & Maps

XPression M7 2RU&4RU S

The industry leading real-time motion graphics platform. The new M7 hardware platform offers unprecedented horsepower, scalability, and output channels. As well, XPression's new V8 software features include HDR support, FBX Import, and Adobe Premier Plug-In. Plus, V8 enables XPression Tessera SE, bringing the benefits of XPression Tessera to Single Engine Applications.


Inception News Social and Live

Inception Cloud is a hub to create and manage your content - broadcast, social media, and web. To gather, collaborate, share, and engage with your audience.
Inception Social
is your toolset to discover and curate social media content for use in productions, bring text and image content from social media into graphics playout, manage moderating and approving content from social media channels, and prompt user engagement via social media polling.




The first MOS-enabled, cloud-based MAM. With all the capabilities of Streamline Enterprise, Streamline.Cloud lets users index and catalogue vast collections of graphics, video and other assets in the cloud. Get set up and running quickly with a single unified interface to see and manage all on-premise and cloud assets, ensuring better content reuse.

Rocket Surgery 

Creative Services


For XPression and Frontier customers in video, broadcast, and venue production, Rocket Surgery offers unmatched design, workflow, and data integration expertise because having Ross Video as our parent company gives us exclusive insight, input, and influence into its advanced systems.

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