Create Impactful Worship Experiences

As an industry leader in worship production technology, Ross Video can provide you with the tools you need to fulfill your creative vision. Having Ross as a partner will empower your team to take storytelling to the next level and produce the best worship experience possible. Learn more.

Carbonite Ultra Production Switcher

Carbonite Ultra is a next-generation switcher built on a software-defined platform which offers new features via software updates and exciting functionality that goes well beyond a traditional production switcher. Compact and powerful, Carbonite Ultra is a sleek 1RU chassis with 24 inputs and 14 outputs, that improves upon the most popular Carbonite features and adds new format-independent hardware to handle multi- format productions with ease. Learn more.


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Ultrix 5RU

Ultrix Routing System

Ultrix 12G Router is the ultimate routing, multiviewer, and signal processing platform for studios, OB vans, and flypacks. The Ultrix 12G Router unifies video/audio routing, multiviewers, audio processing, frame synchronizers, clean/quiet switching, UHD gearboxing and more all unified in one single chassis. Learn more.

DashBoard Facility Control System

DashBoard is a free and open platform from Ross Video for facility control and monitoring that enables users to quickly build unique, tailored CustomPanels that make complex operations simple. DashBoard provides control and monitoring to hundreds of products from more than 80 partners within the openGear and DashBoard Connect ecosystem, and of course most Ross Video products.
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DB9.0 GATOR-Aura


Furio S2_Branded


Furio & Furio SkyDolly

Remote Camera Systems For Live Events

Furio and Furio SkyDolly Live are the ultimate next-generation remote control camera system for live productions. Combining a high speed dolly on the floor or ceiling, silky-smooth lift, and ultra-fast pan & tilt head with two intuitive and responsive control systems, Furio Live delivers a unique combination of speed, fluidity, and responsiveness in a compact and modular package – perfect for capturing all the action at live events.
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