Epic large-screen imagery.



Mosaic Frame S


Carbonite Mosaic is built to get high-quality video onto your large-screen display.  This powerful system's single frame latency ensures your video content keeps up with the live action, for a smooth viewing experience. Prepare to stun your audience with live productions across a canvas size of over 20 million pixels.


Stadium Screen-2


Carbonite Mosaic's live video processing and scaling is part of a powerful Ross solution for large displays. In tandem, the XPression Tessera system provides frame-accurate, non-tearing recall of graphics across large or irregular assembled display panels. The combination of Carbonite Mosaic and XPression Tessera come together for beautifully composited video and graphics on the big screen.

Carbonite Mosaic makes it easy to get creative with your unique display arrangement:

  • Up to 10 independently-controlled canvas outputs for use on a massive single display or across multiple displays.
  • Simple layout creation and recall from Ross switchers, network-connected DashBoard control interfaces, or directly from the Mosaic system.
  • For a ten-canvas video-image processor, Carbonite Mosaic has a game-changing price point.

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